Elopement Packages



* 2 hrs - 3hrs of coverage
* 100 images 
* Schedule to help with the day
* pick a print option from my elopement package product list
(30% retainer due to book $450 )



* 3-5 hrs of coverage + mini engagement shoot (or one year anniversary shoot)
* 150 images 
* Schedule to help with the day 
* Travel up to 2 hours from where I am located included
* Product from Adventure elopement product list
(30% to book $810)



* 3-6 hrs of coverage + mini engagement shoot (or one year anniversary shoot)
* 250 images 
* Schedule to help with the day 
* All MY travel expenses included (US only)
* Product from destination package product list
(50% retainer $2500)

please note - all weddings and elopements are 30% to book except the destination package which if 50% for booking reasons

What's next?

Step 1

Now that you were able to go through my packages, the first step is to come up with a budget. Photography is a luxury service and the prices can be scary for some, so here is how to decide if my services fit in your budget or not:

When planning and budgeting for your big day, create a check list of things you want for your day, and three of those things that you know you can't live without, highlight them. Those three things are the things you can splurge on, and budget more on the things that are not as necessary.

*Remember, photography is something you will have and cherish FOREVER. It is why I love my job so much, but I cannot stress enough that quality images are worth every penny!

Step 2

The next step is definitely the hardest of them all... be selfish! Truly, think of what you & your significant other truly want! It is so hard weighing in everyone's opinions, but I am here to remind you that it's your love and your story. True friends and family will be happy for you when it comes to your love. Make a decision that you won't regret in five years, because in the end, it's about YOU!

Step 3

This step is the easiest! Once you have a package or two in mind, reach out to me and we will set up a free phone consultation to ensure the package we pick is perfect for you and your day!